Our Classics


Spaghetti alla Constanza

Gravy with tenderloin sliced with the tip of the knife with tomato and other sauces

Spaghetti per Mariana

Medium shrimps with olive oil and béchamel sauce, arugula and chilli pepper (dedo-de-moça pepper)

Lasagne Giuseppe

White pasta stuffed with meat, béchamel sauce, pomodoro, queijo Grana Padano e mussarela

Ravioli alla Gastone

A delicious mix of green raviolis stuffed with ricotta and white raviolis stuffed with veal with true mushroom Porcini italian sauce

Picanha Giuseppe

Grilled Rump Steak accompained by sautée potatos and manioc flour

Strogonoff Ivanovich

Tenderloin in slices with heavy cream and fresh Paris mushrooms accompanied by white rice and sautée potatoes

Filetto Trastevere

Grilled tenderloin covered with smoked ricotta sauce and stewed ham accompanied by fresh paglia-fieno

Battuta di Filetto com Tagliatelle ai Quattro Formaggi

Paillard with fresh fettuccine and 4 cheeses sauce


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